How Our Services Work

Provided below is a list of services, but none of these are rigid programs. One of our greatest advantages is our flexibility to meet your exact needs -- whether that is advice for a single decision or event, or examination and optimization of an entire organization. We have no desire to put any undue burden on your business while providing the tools and insight to achieve greater efficiency and growth.

To achieve this end, we offer the first one or several meetings free of charge so that we can discuss your needs and concerns so as to determine your current situation and what we can do to help. These free meetings place no obligations on you or your company to use our service.

Once we determine your organization's needs and what Aspectus Novus can do to meet them, we will provide a quote for the total amount billed for our services. This quote is the maximum amount we will bill over the duration of our engagement regardless of time necessary to complete our services. Once we have determined what services we will rendered and the necessary quoted amount and duration of service, we will detail these items in our Service Contract. (The Service Contract is currently undergoing some small revisions, but will be available on this page for review soon)

We look forward to speaking and working with you and your company to drive efficiency, profitability, and growth. We're ready to help build your dreams.


Comprehensive Services


General Strategy & Business Model Refinement

The core focus of Aspectus Novus is to assist businesses make decisions regarding their basic strategy and procedures. This service goes beyond our Operations and Supply Chain Efficiency Evaluation by using a company's goals to establish an efficient and effective business model through the implementation of intelligent lead generation, capitalization on additional revenue streams, incoming client and customer handling, maintenance of internal controls, and much more.

Pricing can be determined by project or hour and will vary.


Competitive Strategy Adjustment

Economic and cultural trends can cause a previously-effective business model to lose profitability. In theses cases, we are able to provide the tools, experience, knowledge, and advice to make major changes to an organization's business model and competitive strategy so as to adapt to new trends and market conditions. Businesses are infinitely flexible and can be altered to suit the changing needs of the commercial world. We never want to see your passion and hard work lost.

Pricing can be determined by project or hour and will vary.


Growth Planning

Growth is inherently positive and it is always rewarding to see your business take off. It is extremely unfortunate that, without preparation, growth is one of the most common killers of small business. It is crucial to continue the practices that made the enterprise successful while accurately planning for increased demand and the challenges that presents. Aspectus Novus is able to provide the tools and knowledge to create and execute growth plans without overextending or losing efficiency. We want to see your organization achieve success beyond anything you've imagined.

Pricing can be determined by project or hour and will vary.


Individual Services

Operations and Supply Chain Efficiency Evaluation

Business Operations.jpg

Waste and inefficiency are extremely dangerous to new or smaller businesses because they are a drain on both the limited time and financial resources of the organization.

Waste is frequently difficult to identify, but more frequently than not it can be found in its greatest abundance in the operations side of a company. To us, operations include all back-room activities of a company -- from physical layout, storage, inventory management, hours of operation, number of employees and corresponding responsibilities, and business practices and strategy, to accounting, supplier relations, analysis of costs and pricing, and whether or not to open new locations. The fact of the matter is that, while operations are technically a cost area, they are also where profits are created since excessive expenses, inefficient operations, or poorly purchased inventory or materials are incredibly difficult to overcome.

Thankfully, inefficiencies in operations are frequently easy and inexpensive to correct once they have been identified. Our operations audit lends fresh eyes to your business and uses a variety of strategies and analytical tactics to find the inefficiencies that members of the organization may not be able to see. 

Pricing can be determined by project or hour and will vary.



Marketing Optimization


Marketing is frequently one of the most difficult challenges a smaller business faces, but it is also one of the most important components to achieving or enhancing profitability. No business can survive without high-quality traffic to its physical location or web-store. Unfortunately, marketing is an extremely technical discipline with a wide variety of complex options. To further complicate the issue, this area is populated by an array of very specialized marketing professionals who all claim that their medium is the key to the promised land of profitability. It is extremely difficult to identify which mediums to prioritize and which specialists to use -- especially when budgets are tight.

Our goal is to provide unbiased and comprehensive marketing advice by determining your specific target markets, examining your current marketing strategy, identifying inefficiencies and unused/underused/unorthodox mediums, and optimizing, defining, strengthening, and unifying your branding so as to direct your business to a more cost-effective marketing plan without wasteful expenditures on any unnecessary specialists. Additionally, we can provide your business with a variety of analytical metrics to track future marketing effectiveness so as to further refine your efforts.

Pricing can be determined by project or hour and will vary.



Sales Training


Sales is, by its very nature, difficult. To convince a person to exchange their hard-earned money for your product or service requires a deep understanding of psychology, economics, marketing, interpersonal relations, and numerous other complex areas of study. Thankfully, there are many rules and practices that can serve as a viable substitute for understanding of all of these disciplines. The fact remains quite simple, however, that the time will inevitably come for every business that a customer must purchase a product. Without revenue, any enterprise is doomed to a quick demise.

Whether your company is retail, wholesale, manufacturing, or service-based, we can provide the necessary advice and training to create a winning sales team that will keep customers happy and coming back. Additionally we will provide metrics with which to measure the success and improvement of your team.

Pricing can be determined by project or hour and will vary.