A Small Business For Small Business

Our mission is to make small business more accessible to the visionary, the passionate, and the self-motivated. We understand small business because we are a small business, but with one big difference: we take the lessons from all arenas of the commercial world - from multinational conglomerates to one-off mom-and-pop shops - to provide the best possible solutions to the problems that face the small businesses that drive our economy in Colorado. We, the small businesses, are our economy and Aspectus Novus is here to make us the best we can be.


About Our Founder

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"My name is Thomas Weston and I am the owner and founder of Aspectus Novus Business Consulting. I founded this company to make entrepreneurship more accessible and to promote greater success and achievement in the Colorado small business community. My passion for understanding the complexities and overcoming the challenges posed by the commercial world drives me to strive for knowledge and excellence in all areas. I am excited to help you and your organization meet its full potential. Together, we can overcome any obstacle."

-Thomas Weston

We are a team of highly driven, knowledgeable, and passionate professionals, with varying specialties and backgrounds, who provide nuanced approaches and varying expertise to any situation with which we are presented. In addition to our core consulting team, we work with a network of specialists in different areas so as to provide the best help possible.

We strive, always, to pioneer and apply the latest techniques and approaches, and to grow our knowledge so as to provide our clients with only the highest quality advice and solutions.

Our passion is your success.